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Just found an article from SpikeTV that Lucasarts has something in development:

Spike TV will exclusively announce the newest game in the Star Wars universe, which debits at E3 2012. A tease will be shown first on May 31, as a part of the pre-E3 episode of GTTV, followed by the live, world gameplay premiere during E3 All Access Live on June 4 at 10.00pm EDT/7.00pm PDT.

Original link here:

Can we dare to hope? Player cities, Creature Handlers and TK Artists making a return? We'll know soon enough!

I have also heard that the release is set at the same time as the expiry of TOR's license for SW - same deal that happened with SWG when TOR was about to launch.

I can tell you that a LOT of my old Ahazi server crew currently on TOR are waiting in anticipation for May 31 =)
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