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( So, the temptation became to great not to. Contains some mild spoilers for SW and BH storylines)

“Big things, have small beginnings…” -Prometheus Movie.

Prologue – The Future

Darth Laresa Jinobie kneeled over an unmoving figure on the ground, her expression hidden inside the cowl of her robe. Behind her Jedi Master and Guardian Xerrin Jinobie had yet to release her attack position, her blue lightsaber glowing in the darkness around them.

It was almost a cliché scene. Almost. The crack of lightning illuminated the three figures below. Rain beat down on them, the grass beneath their boots more puddles than ground, unable to absorb the force of the storm fast enough.

“Why? Why… why… WHY?!” Each word that suddenly flew from Darth’s mouth grew louder than the last, her emotions raging. Darth Jinobie abandoned the unmoving figure, whirling around and surged to her feet. She had yet to draw her weapon. “You know my aims,” she hissed at the Jedi.

“I only know you are Sith,” Master Xerrin said with unwavering conviction.

“I would never have harmed you,” Darth Jinobie all but growled.

“But you would burn all that I stand for.”

“Oh, you frakking moron. Have you lost all reason?!”

“Your judgments hold no power over me dark one.”

“Fine. If it is the dark side of the force you wish to face, you will have it.” With one graceful motion she withdrew both her Lightsabers, bringing their menacing purple glow to life.

Xerrin twirled her lightsaber once, ready. “Your arrogance has blinded you. You will not beat me.”

“Oh, shut up.”

As their blades violently clashed, there was one hell of a disturbance in the force.

The Past

Chapter 1 - An Anomaly
Ilum, Eastern Ice Shelf

A chilly wind picked up the snow, flinging it carelessly. There was nothing around the two dueling figures but towering rocks of grey ice and endless plains of cold white. Lightsabers collided. Purple to blue. Consular Shadow Elliah Tosh Jinobie’s dark red eyes studied his student. His white hood concealed his dark grey skin. A Chiss Jedi Master – one of the first. An utter anomaly.

“Where is your mind now, Nadia?” Elliah asked, pressing his purple blade harder against his pupil’s.

Nadia’s face pinched. “I could lose you tomorrow… That’s all I can think about sometimes.”

“Use your fear. Do not suppress it. But you must control it.”

He attacked her swiftly, the double blades of his lightsaber cutting through the cold air without mercy. She would defend or she would be cut. She did not hesitate, her blue blade colliding with his, her body sliding, flipping out of the way of his attacks.

“She has improved.”

A mechanical, yet female voice behind him. Elliah’s mouth quirked into a tiny smile. “Hold Nadia,” he said. Nadia immediately halted, but jerked her gaze towards the interruption. Her eyes widened and she frowned. Elliah sheathed his lightsaber but Nadia did not.

“A Sith. I didn’t sense-”

“I am of the dark side but no threat to you child.” Darth Laresa Jinobie walked towards them, her face hidden behind the helmet, further obscured by the black and red hood over her head. A lightsaber waited patiently on each side of her hips, but her gloved fingers hung loosely.

“You received my message,” Elliah said. He touched Nadia’s shoulder. “It’s all right.”

Nadia looked at him, confusion and unease on her face. “You summoned a Sith Lord?”

“Easy, Nadia. I’ll explain. I promise. Just give us a moment.”

Laresa said nothing, merely waited. Nadia stared at the Dark Lord for a moment longer. Reluctantly, she sheathed her own double bladed lightsaber. “You’ll be all right?”

“I will. I won’t be long.” Elliah reassured her.

Nadia nodded tightly. She gave Laresa one last suspicious parting glance before she walked away.

Elliah came up to Laresa, pulling back his hood. “You could have warned me you would come so swiftly, wife.”

“There is no fun without surprise.” Her tone sounded amused. She pulled back her hood, and removed her helmet. Her right eye was mechanical. Additional implants curved down her cheek and jaw. “How many codes of the Jedi has your Padawan broken so far?”

“She is a Knight now. Well deserved. And she minds the ones that matter. That is more than enough.” Elliah took one of Laresa’s hands warmly between his own.

She stepped into him, pressing her lips briefly against the corner of his mouth. “You called for me husband. What is it?”

“Lancoro is coming to visit you.”

“You’ve seen something.”

“Only possibilities. He will need his mother, not the dark lord.”

“Silly Jedi. I am always both.”

Amusement moved across his face. “You know what I mean.”

“I will take care of him.”

“He’s important.”

“He’s your favorite.”

“Because he reminds me of you.”

A pleased smile slide across her mouth. Her eyes strayed over Elliah’s shoulder to the pacing Jedi Knight. Her smile turned darker.

“She loves you. Do you return her affection, or is her passion enough?”

His smile was quiet. Gentle. “I feel for her as strongly as you feel for him.”

A sudden chill swept into her eyes. “I doubt that.”

Ellaih touched her cheek. She accepted his touch, but it did little to change her expression. “You love him,” he said.


“You are better for it.”

“Perhaps. But you will not presume to understand how I feel again. Not about him.”

“As you wish.” Elliah stepped into her, pressing his lips against her forehead. “I will see you soon, wife,” he murmured.

She did grace him with a quiet smile. Leaned into his touch. It lasted mere seconds though. She drew back and put on her helmet. She snapped up her hood and without another word walked over to her speeder.

Elliah watched her until she faded from sight. When he turned around, he was not surprised to see Nadia so close.

“What is going on?! You were… why were you touch-”

He moved swiftly, cupping her face between his cool hands and pressed his mouth to her protesting one. She did not hesitate to return his kiss and wrapped her arms around him. He drew back after long moments, both of them breathless. “There is serenity in passion. I will show you. And then I will tell you everything you need to know.”