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Awesome guide. A friend of mine and I decided to try tackling HMs 2-man recently and it has been a ton of fun. We did HM Kaon blind with only a few wipes. We saw this guide and wanted a challenge, so we tried the only one you don't have a guide for yet: Lost Island. We beat it in Story Mode. We are going to attempt it in Hard Mode soon and put together a guide or some tips if we get down some bosses.
Nice! and good luck with Lost Island. We have been trying it as well, got close on the droid but not enough just yet.
You will also need to respec a few times during lost island for different bosses (a bit inefficient for my taste but anything for fun)

The droid boss is possible using a brute force method with 2 x campaign geared dps running with 2 x black hole geared heal companions or equivalent gear . Unlike the usual strategy with players where the dps groups up in one corner and moves from corner to corner, it is better to position your companions in 2 different corners so chances for you to move is 1/3 and you will only need to move 1 companion nevertheless. Pray that the fight is over before heroic moment ends.

With unity ,heroic moment and adrenals burning you may get him down after first bubble. The ending isnt going to be pretty but youll get it. Interrupt incinerate asap or fight will be over very fast.

The jumping beast is a pain with companions, even if you figure out the positioning for smash, the next challenge is because companions cant click the pillars. So you have to really time the pillars with 2 people. Remember to turn your companions passive when he goes on a pillars or companions will bug out. This fight is possible in theory with an endurance stacked dps and a player healer.