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05.28.2012 , 11:31 AM | #18
despite what is their view i see all the above posters that agree that hack in swtor exist.
With the rated wz coming this will multiply and will create big problems for a community that can not take another fail from the developers. PvP in this game goes from bat to worse to non existent (eventually if we keep on that track), and a extensive hack problem on rated wz will lead it there.
The higher incentive to cheat coze of the top dog rating, will create a norm that the non cheating team will never achieve high score in the game despite skill.

So BW please fix the gaps in you coding that permits such cheats or at list police wz a lot better.

for once my poor machine can not handle constant recording of wz and i can not report with evidence the few so far hackers that i see on my server.
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