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sure, there are many that cry wolf too soon, but there are also valid complaints.

It's not a question of whether hacks exist or not. They do. Anyone willing to put in 30 seconds on the net can find them.

Reporting hackers is the only way to get them dealt with as well, as it seems BW is rather lacking in the investigation department unless some gets reported. The hackers even point out that the only hackers that get busted are the ones that are reported.

They are also getting more skilled at throttling their hacks to gain advantage without being too obvious, but sometimes they still make mistakes....guy last night hit me for 8356 dmg (no screenshot...happened too fast). I have 1203 exp in full BM heavy armor and had no debuffs on me as I had just engaged him from the spawn area. I went from 100% to 50% in a 1vs1 in 1 GCD...if that wasn't a would seem a solid argument for a class nerf.
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