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05.28.2012 , 08:10 AM | #14
I could take this more seriously if 98% of hack/cheat accusations weren't totally false and coming from player that either don't understand how all the classes work or are just plain bad and refuse to accept they lost.

I've been accused of cheating for using Guardian Leap in Huttball (I liked how you jumped to your teammate, nice hacks there buddy) and speccing unremitting (he's cheating, I can't stun him after he starts attacking me and his resolve bar isn't full!) as well as just plain crying due to gear gap (he did 5k damage to me with Dispatch, he has to be cheating!).

Then someone says, "No I saw the real cheats" but you never see them come up with evidence or proof.

Again, am I saying it doesn't go on? Hardly. But just as big a problem as actual cheating, is the fact that 98% of cheating accusations are 100% false, and if Bioware acted on every one, nothing would ever get done.