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05.28.2012 , 08:04 AM | #13
Man did OP lose a WZ match?

I want my game to be hacking/cheating free... I wish BW ban all hackers.

However on the side note, I've been called a hacker for some of the following hacks that apperently I didnt even know I could do...
"Anti-force push hack"
"Anti-knockback hack"
"double damage hack"
"force speed lasts 60 seconds hack"
"force lightning ignoring armor hack"
"anti-root hack"
"93 talent point hack" as well as
"8 men premade queue hack".

oh did I mention they also called me anti-ball pass hack as well? because if I am attacking them sometimes it permanently shuts off their ability to pass hutball until they die.

I guess I am the super hacker of the pvp