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Are u sure its hacking, because as a ops it seems I gain a speed boost just from casting certain moves like debilitate and kolto probe, (I know debilitate is suppose to for 4 secs with talent, but it lasts a lot longer then 4 secs for me) I know kolto probe says nothing about a speed boost, but it jsut seems sometimes in warzones I cast it, and the more and more a cast it the faster I go, I dont know if its me or somebody else doing it, but it seems like its my kolto probe, it seems to happen only when im in combat and when I switch directiosn a lot, if I run in a straight line I dont get it. I think biowares game is just glitched lol,
It's hacking/cheating. Too much of the game is on our PCs. Just pull your combat log and look for a hit that does 0 damage, be sure to pull your combat log parsed and ensure it's not a glance. You'll see them and this is the easiest cheat to spot and report.
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