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That's it. Just please read just this top paragraph and post your vote at minimum. Thanks!

Many people have blogged about solutions yet Bioware doesn't even seem to make an effort within the game to stop this. Please encourage Bioware to add a "Vote out of Warzone due to hacking" button as the current button doesn't work that way, or to add a "Vote to send hacking report" button. When you vote please thank Bioware for their hard work, and amazing game, they do make external efforts to stop hacking.

***If someone is a jerk on this post please report them, or ignore them and do not let them get to you as there will be lots of mean spirited people commenting

If you don't believe in hacking (cheating)....just do a Google search on how to hack SWTOR...and you will see that it works. There are entire websites about how to chat. There are some very extensive bot (fake players) programs, and the 11 player queue cheat. Bioware's account was hacked into before the game was even released.

**A lot of people hack ON BOTH SIDES. So don't just take anyone's word for it. Though it seems to me that the Empire cheats way I have lost Novare coast 14 out of 16 times in the last two weeks. But other levels seem slightly more fair..yet not by much.

***Also after various updates I have seen things shift, as far as victory's. This is probably because patches have stopped hacking at times, or because Bioware made adjustments to certain characters. Just something to keep in mind. This may be further evidence of hacking.

*****Another thing to consider are guilds. We often lose in Warzones because you are playing a skilled, and character calculated guild. I encourage you to make your own if you lose a lot. So don't think everything is cheating it may be this.

Thank you for your time!
HAcks aren;t as obvious as they were in the beginning. Now you have hacks that simply don't apply combat slow, reduce the efrect of slows. make it where you can't be knocked off ledges, etc. Subtles things that players may not realize because it's not as blatant as running aroun dat 500% normal speed. There is a sniper on my server who never suffers the in-combat speed reduction; A sentienel who ALWAYS has that speed buff up (always sprinting in combat). This chick flies off the speeder in Aldeeraan sprinting so she definitely hasn't gained 30 centering. There was an entire guild that was CC proof and could not be knocked of ledges. I report this stuff, but Bioware never does anything about it.

Maybe Bioware should just make hacking legal and give us hacks. At least it would be even.