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05.27.2012 , 11:17 PM | #13
I had some folks ask me if a 2 man hard mode is still possible if neither party can tank. For the healer - dps combo, the solution can be to use a Companion Tank.

It was hard but over all it wasn't too bad. Bottom line is.. that its doable folks ! That too without full Rakata or Campaign gear. Its quite a bit of multi-tasking but if youre up for the challenge it can be fun.
Our companion tank was geared in a couple of Tionese grade pieces and I was healing on my combat medic alt in regular daily commendation gear (Explains the gimp healing) and exotech gear from Kaon nm. But with my Elara Dorne out and Sage DPS, we managed to complete both instances.

1 x Companion Tank (geared in atleast a few 51 grade pieces)
1 x Player Healer
1 x Companion Healer or DPS
1 x Player DPS

Companion Tanks Hard Mode Kaon Under siege

Taral V

Long live swtor companions! rawr!