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Found the article I had read about her joining up with a splinter group of Jedi called the Altisian Jedi sometime before the end of the Clone Wars. The Altisians allowed the training of multiple padawans by a single master and also allowed Jedi to marry and have families.

During the Clone Wars, a group of Altisians, including Callista Masana, Geith Eris, and Altis himself were traveling aboard the Wookiee Gunner when they received a distress signal from the Republic Intelligence spy Hallena Devis. Rushing to her aide on JanFathal, they met with Captain Gilad Pellaeon and Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who was unnerved by the unorthodox Jedi. Rescuing Devis, she opted to join the Altisians instead of returning to the Republic.

This would seem to indicate that she likely escaped Order 66 along with other Alitisians who went into hiding.