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Do you charge for your character design commissions? I would love one of my juggernaut, but I saw a reply earlier about money and thought I should ask.
I realize it's been awhile (quite awhile) since you asked, but seeing as how Kil hasn't been around to answer you, I'll take the liberty of doing so for him again. This time in the form of a quote!

Quote: Originally Posted by Spartanash View Post
Well, as said, it depends. Usually I work with the 100-200$ range. Depending on the details of the commission it can be near 100$ up to 200$ or higher. The high means, it has a lot things going on the pic, like a full blown battle scene or something along those lines :P Or just multiple characters, really detailed, photo quality like, ect. ^^
Hope that answeres your question
As you can see above, yes Kil does charge for commissions. The rate of those commissions are based on the time and effort needed to complete the commissions.

Kil does accept character requests that are free - which are lower quality than commissioned work and are second priority to commissions - however, I believe requests are currently closed. His request list only had fifteen slots on it, and currently all of the slots are full for this session. You'll have to get in touch with Kil to be certain, though.

I hope this answers your question, mate! Sorry it took so long for you to get an answer.
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