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05.27.2012 , 06:32 PM | #7
Of course, it's not bugged.

Okay, sure. Anyway... It's still obvious that the flashpoint isn't working correctly (the fire is already there when you come back into the FP after a wipe and respawn on the Fleet and the fire is in the SAFE ZONE outside the room. It occurs BEFORE you re-engage Ortol AT ALL. The companions respawn dead from the Fleet back into the FP area., even though they respawn alive on the Fleet with you. The minute you re-enter the FP, your companion is dead at your feet. Plus, Ortol can throw you through the closed door into the hallway and restart the entire battle where he's got full hitpoints. ALSO..Insta-death without warning or even engaging him at all?)

Yes, that's bugged. Any attempt to say that those things aren't bugs and that the flashpoint is supposed to be screwed up in that specific type of untrue.

But, thanks to those who sympathized and those who gave good advice on how to work around the bugs. Your true help was appreciated.