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I completely disagree.

What they have done, is made one path completely worthless to the other.
Yeah, I dont think you understood what I was saying in my post that you quoted. The POINT is that they are separate, and one cannot do well in one, and automatically transcribe that into the other. This IS the point. They are supposed to be different types of gameplay with different types of goals, gear, etc.

It's okay for you to not like this, because as I said above, the world cannot cater to everyone. You are the minority. And yeah, we might have a few people that agree with you that want to voice themselves on the forums but if you ask every single SWTOR subscriber if they think its cool to have two different paths of challenge, you can bet your sweet arse that they will tell you, heck yeah we like this. I want different challenges, different goals, and different routes in which to achieve these goals.

Some people don't play PvE, or don't have a guild with access to all of the endgame content. If you discredited their inability to compete, and compare it with the complete 100% availability to compete via hard work in the PvP arena, I think you'll find it making a heck of a lot more sense.

EDIT: I feel your pain about wanting more customized options though, More options are always better.