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Hydian way is a English EU server that is in the top 20 (out of 90) European servers.
The average fleet population is between 60-80 and 80-100 depending on peek times and warzone que's are solid enough that you can find pvp games quickly.

Its not the best populated server out there but it is far from a dead one.
Come to Hydian way and help us make it stronger, join a community that curses in general chat and yells at WoW fan boi's.
There are plenty of long time guilds on both Empire as Republic side that are far into HM Ops progress and looking to expand more for 16 man Ops and NMM.

You might think "why join a half empty server when i can join a heavy populated server?"
Well, I'm sure you arn't the only person thinking that.
So what happens when a heavy server gets flooded with more people? You get crouded area's.
Do you really want to go to the Black Hole to do your dailies and spend an hour looking for 20 mobs to get that one quest done, just because there are 80 other people there aswell?

Our Black hole area has around 20 people in it doing dailies, grouping up with 'random strangers' isn't hard because our community is a bit smaller but solid.

So...when 1.3 patch hits and you need a server to go too, keep Hydian way in mind and we will be sure to give you a warm welcome