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Yes, I could always use more poetry, regardless of whether it's about Vector or not.
inb4 Team Vector

and the following has NOTHING to do with any drinking I may have done tonight

I never cared for teddy bears or overbearing bluster,
My preference lies with subtler guys (who may be quick to fluster).

When every day's another fray a woman must be guarded
She must demand a skilful hand and sharp mind in a partner.

Appearance-wise, no lesser guys are worth a second thought,
Blue eyes, black hair, a piercing stare, and uniformed? Quinn's hot!

He'll make the play, he'll take the day, your goal is his command
A gloating speech, a flourish: each new victory, gone as planned.

The mission known, he will not moan or turn his hand aside;
His duty is his essence is his mission is his pride.

Swiftness of thought, a deadly shot, and solid steel nerve;
The mind may stray to other ways the Captain might - ah - serve.

He'll face down hell to serve you well - the odds may be absurd,
But failure will not do, he doesn't think that it's a word.

His duty and his principles define him to the core,
Show at the test your way is best: he'll be yours evermore.

If you can reach him just to teach him that you're worth a start,
I tell you, Quinn will always win in matters of the heart!

- by Bright "if he doesn't kill me, the cognitive dissonance will" Ephemera

(P.S. Pierce, you're still tops. But I can't marshal the mental resources for poetry when I'm thinking about you. Not even bad poetry.)
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