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Search bar is your friend... i have replied to 3 other threads about this in the last few months

this place is not bugged.

the firing of the rockets are tied into his health bar. thus if you level 50 and using your strongest attacks your DPS is extremely high. you need to slow your DPS down by using your basic attack more, than your most powerful.

what happens is he fires the rockets if you DPS him to fast the rockets never finish fully discharging, and he then fires the next set of rockets. thus making the room filled with fire from all 4 jets.

TLDR..... slow your DPS down and the encounter works fine.

What I do when running a lower level friend here is dps till he fires the rocket(s), stop all dps, move the group to a safe square, (just heal thru his damage) wait till rocket(s) completely finish discharging. Then just repeat. Shouldnt be a problem staying alive if you have high levels in there. LIkely unecessary unless you do.