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I disagree, kills is pretty meaningless - it just means that you damaged somebody who eventually died. The best way to get lots of kills (and lots of raw damage) is just to throw out lots of AOE but that doesn't mean you have been being particularly effective. Similarly, pressuring a healer (like a Sentinel should be) will put up a lot of damage without necessarily doing many kills - but that is still very important. Really, most of the statistics are quite meaningless (although somebody doing >75k damage, 0 protection and 0 healing is pretty bad almost regardless.)
My point was simply that the numbers need to be looked at in context and not merely as an absolute value. Having over 300k damage and only 5 kills with no objective points would indicate someone who just runs amuck trying to DPS without trying to win -- someone I don't want to be in a WZ with. I'd much rather play with someone who's total damage is a little low, but who played to win the game, than someone with massive AoE numbers and no ability to actually play the objectives.