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Nice guide.

I've done a lot of HM FP duo runs with a tank + healer w/dps comps. After seeing your guide, we decided to duo Black Talon HM, for the weekly HM's mission, using a mostly Rakata geared Powertech and Tionese geared Marauder with Tionese geared Mako and Quinn. Took about a half hour, and we did it smoother than using the tank + healer combo with dps comps.

The trick with Yadira is to taunt her to the center of the circle on the floor in front of where she spawns, but keep your companions on the outside the circle to avoid her smash.** Comps won't be pulled into her gravity well type ability so you don't have to worry about trying to run them out of the damage radius when she does her smash. Just taunt her back to the center of the circle after each smash, rinse and repeat until she dies. She actually enraged on us with 2% HP, but it was too little, too late.

** Powertech can use explosive dart to start combat with her - this will make her attack, but Mako will remain out of combat until the dart explodes or you do direct damage to her. Back up a couple of steps. Once Yadira's in the center of the circle, leap to her. Mako will stay where she was when you leaped in and be safe from her smash ability.