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First... i gotta ask. How often do Bioware/SWTOR update and upload up new episodes in the Galactic History section? Dont get me wrong,, i dont complaining. Just wondering. I eagerly wating for new episodes
A Q&A here (I found it quoted here after doing a forum search for galactic history) indicates that they don't intend to fill in any more Timeline entries, but they have some (currently unscheduled) ideas for a future lore series.

From the Q&A:

Pzljug: When are you guys going to finish the Timeline on the Holonet?

Stephen Reid (Senior Community Manager): When the Timeline series was begun we weren’t entirely sure how many timelines would be needed to detail relevant backstory for The Old Republic and left ‘blank spaces’ on the Timeline that, we thought, would all be filled in with Timeline entries. Ultimately, we feel we’ve detailed all the relevant backstory required, so no more Timeline entries going back into earlier history are planned. However, we know how much players enjoyed the lore details, style and presentation of Timelines, so we’re planning to continue that with a different series (currently unscheduled!) which will detail other aspects of the lore of The Old Republic.
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