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This is not entriely accurate. Patch 1.3 will give the ability to add an augment slot to any armor/weapon, but in order to add this augment slot it will require a kit that can only be made by crafters. Augments will still only be able to be made by crafters as well, so any of these crew skills will be useful as they will offer the augments and augment slot kits for their particular gear type.
Currently, the plan is to allow only Armstechs, Armormechs and Synthweavers to create augment kits in 1.3.
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For Game Update 1.3, augment kit creation is limited to the classes that can currently make augments. This is necessary for the introduction of the system; it allows us to distribute the components at a steady rate, because each augmentable item you RE results in a portion of the augment slot. The items created by the other crew skills don't fit in with this progression as cleanly - if we decide to allow Artifice or Cybertech to acquire the kits through their commonly created items, under our current systems they would produce kits substantially faster than the other skills. It is safer to open augment kits to a limited set of crew skills.
Unless things change, Cybertechs will be SOL as far as the augment and augment kit market is concerned.
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