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Even with the changes coming in 1.3, the most useful (possibly the only really useful) Crew Skill for Endgame is Biochem, with the adrenals/stims/medpacks that can only be used by a Biochem.

Of the 3 you have mentioned, and assuming the crew skill is for personal use (so ignoring any potential income you might get from crafting and selling on the GTN), Armstech will be useful for producing your end-game gun, or Armormech will be useful for producing your end-game armor. But once the armor/gun are crafted, you will have no further use for them, and you will still need to buy the mods to put in that armor/gun (either using one metric *****-ton of Warzone Commendations gained from PvP to buy end-game PvP armor and transfering the mods to your chosen armor), or crafted by a Cybertech. Armstech and Armormech are useful when leveling for producing leveling gear, but the cost of grinding your crew skills while you are also leveling adventuring is difficult to manage unless you can sell your crafted items on the GTN - something which is not guaranteed, depending on the server.

Cybertech is the one of those 3 that will be useful to you - while leveling, once you are in orange armor that you like the look of, and with an orange gun (the items where you can swap mods in and out, to alter the stat bonuses of the items), you can keep yourself up to date with Cybertech and the occasional visit to the GTN or a Commendation vendor to pick up the odd bits that Cybertech cannot make. At end-game, you will probably be aiming for the gear that drops in raids, so Cybertech is still useful, but not as useful as while leveling.

Most people I know take Cybertech while leveling, and then when they hit level 50 they drop that and start on Biochem.
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