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OMG! You know people use text to chat in MMO's right? And just because a person may not have an exceptional ability to spell does not make them dumb or stupid.

They may have exceptional math skills, or be able to works metals, or heal animals or people.

Just saying intelligence is relative. People excel where their environments need them to. Spelling is also relative.

Examples. Love, Luv, <3, pitter pat, twitterpated, adore, all mean the same thing and you know exactly what I meant. What does it matter how anyone spells anything as long as you understand what they mean?
Thus why I want to have the discussion.

If a person can heal animals or people or even if they are good at math then they likely went to or are attending a Professional school. I'd want to pick their brain as to why they don't follow the same rules for the few hours a day they play a game that they follow everywhere else in their life.

I'm saying that if a person's environment requires them to excel, then they should be excelling in all environments they are in including playing a game. I didn't say that the inability to spell or use grammar made them dumb or stupid. I'm saying it could give clues to their level of education, and possibly their profession.

When I see the argument happening repeatedly, I thought I'd write about it.

The question becomes "why do you treat me like im stupid?" and the answer is often "Because you use improper grammar." Why? Well I'm exploring why.

I'm not saying that I haven't made mistakes. I'm not saying that people who use poor grammar are stupid. I'm also not saying I am not guilty of casting poor judgement on someone. I'm talking about a stigma that is automatically placed on some people and why.