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5 credits says the Devs take a look at these videos and use them to "re-adjust" players classes or just increase HM FP damage across the board. Thanks OP for giving them reason for more nerfs.
I personally don't think the devs will change this so its no longer possible. We did not use any exploits. On the contrary I think they might build up on this. It took several weeks for us to get to this point and it is so much fun that it doesn't get old.

This is a new kind of experience that I have never had before in any other game. This is a strength and not a weakness of the game. It will not be a wise move on their part to take this away from folks.

Lets face it we have all done 5 mans, we have all done raids till we got sick of em. Not saying to get rid of all that but giving some attention to the "mentor" program could actually inject the game with a new kind of energy.

Maybe introduction of some hard mode "Mentor" flashpoints that you can run with a mentor and get some benefits along the way like the legacy system, would make the entire game be played all over again.

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