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I think south park ought to do a follow up to the famous "make love, not warcraft". I could be about how the boys moved away from WOW, or something along those lines. Thoughts, suggestions? Discuss
Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are the stereotypical SWTOR fanboys: Jumped right out of WoW, cancelled that subscription, talked their parents into pre-ordering the Super Mega Awesome Collector's Edition complete with clones of Natalie Portman and Carrie Fisher decked in removable steampunk bikinis that sexually mutter "Take us home, Master Jedi..." for $5000 (Kenny's family will go hungry for a week). But Cartman is the WoW troll, making fun of them and whatnot. In other words, being Cartman.

The plot revolves around Stan, Kyle, and Kenny desperately trying to cope while surrounded by a completely unrealistic amount of hype, everything between billboards to Jar-Jar Binks mascots prowling the streets of South Park. Eventually the game goes live and the boys (even Cartman) eagerly log in (as well as all the people who threatened lawsuits because they couldn't quite understand what "up to 5 Days of Early Access" meant)....only to see a ten minute video of the real-life Carrie Fisher in half a Jar-Jar costume wiping George Lucas' butt with all the money everyone around the world paid.

We'll make it a satire of the clamor of support for the game upon release and then the loss of subscriptions within the first six months. We'll call it TOR Wars: A Newer Game.
I used simple happy language words to help you understand.
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