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Hi, recently I have been searching for some one or a group of people to play with on this game, since my irl friends dont play too much anymore. I have played on the empire side mostly, so Ive been wanting to try out the republic planets. I really want to level a gunslinger or scoundrel(most liekly gunslinger) to 50, but i hate lveling solo as such it gets quite lonely.
Well, so... true story. I'm in the Thirteenth Legion. It's a casual guild. Most folks play 10 hrs a week or less. We're mostly busy adults with lives and jobs and families and house chores. And then there are about 8-10 people who are on voice chat and in the game nearly every night, and large portions of every day. We've got a couple of stay-at-home parents, a few college professors that are out for the summer, and a retiree who are on nearly all the time. Our PvP guru, and several of our most dedicated players are on nearly every night. We're on Sanctum of the Exalted, which is a RP server with a good, middle-of-the-pack population. Beyond pop size, we've got people and guilds that sponsor a lot of open activities.

I don't know that anyone has interest in a dedicated level-up-from-1 "date" - that's a lot of commitment. You'd have to check around and see if anyone is interested. There is nearly always someone around to help with heroics and class quests though.

Check us out and make whatever decision is best for you.

You also might try the Ideal Guild Quiz.

If you're interested in us, then set your server as Sanctum and your faction as Republic and see if we're one of your top matches.

If you are just interested in a "trial membership" to hang out on Mumble and see what folks are like and to ask about a levelling partner, mention that in your guild app and you can join on a "temporary" basis to see if we're your kind of folks.