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So it looks like the second best East Coast server for PVP is Helm of Graush. Most likely SWTOR will not let you transfer to Fatman, so this would be your next most populated right now. From information taken at

My personal opinion I think it would be more efficient for SWTOR to do server merges vs character transfers. Then there would be no need to make the "right" choice, to transfer your character to. Even better would be to cut the amount of servers down by server merges. Then allow character transfers, if you please.
Based on history of mmos, those gaming companies usually use the server merges as a last resort thing. This is a fact, go check. The way I think Bioware is planning to do it is quite logical: first = increase the population cap, second = free transfers, third = paid transfers, fourth = merges. I bet they wanted to start the process much sooner but I think something really wrong and unexpected happened, something out of their control. Anyway, I prefer to stay positive and keep reading about the game developments than login everyday into the forum and keep bashing the game. I'm really looking forward to the months of June and July for SWTOR.

Just my two cents.