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05.23.2012 , 11:51 PM | #1
I (Nokarax) will be hosting this on The Shadowlands on the fleet May 27, 2012 4PM CST

if seeker finds everyone, he gets 60K and the hiders split 30K , if there are hiders and the seeker can't find them, they split 60K, seeker get 30K consolation prize, and the ones that were found split 20K.

no stealth, no hiding in VIP tower , no hiding in your class hangars, can go to ziost shadow and white nova.

time limit: 20 minutes from when the seeker starts seeking. (25 minutes after /roll is finished)

determination of the seeker will be as follows: everyone groups up and types /roll
lowest roll number is the seeker.

after the seeker is found we /leave the group and all go hide

once the seeker is found via lowest roll, hiders have 5 minutes to go hide.

I will be funding it.