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I dont see nearly enough people crying over how useless cybertech is, therefore it keeps getting forgotten.
Possibly because cybertechs still have a lock on spaceship parts? Say what you will, but my cybertech is one of my richest characters, almost all due to spaceship part sales.

Once 1.3 comes through, artifice will drop even lower, but next on the bottom will probably be armstech. The new augment system pretty much sucks for all the equipment crafters. They should (have?) made the augment kits:
1. Slot restricted. Armor crafters can create kits for armor slots, biochems for implant slots, cybertech for earpieces, art/arms for weapon slots
2. Quality restricted. Need to RE purples to get purple mats to create a purple augment kit that adds an augment slot that can accept purple augments.

As it is, 10 lvl 49 green bracers = augment slot kit. Quite possibly cheaper/faster to churn those out than it is currently to churn out augmented oranges. (Seriously, 40 green grade 6 mats and 20 white grade 6 ones, vs. 70 grade 2 green mats, 30 grade 2 blue mats, and 20 grate 2 white ones?

The augment kits is gonna be a nasty blow to crafting. I'd not be singing it's praises in envy.

edit2: And heck, the mats for a bracers is 2, 2, and 2. odds are pretty good you're going to get at least 25% of the "non-white" mats back when you do the RE.