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05.23.2012 , 04:40 PM | #1
Hi, recently I have been searching for some one or a group of people to play with on this game, since my irl friends dont play too much anymore. I have played on the empire side mostly, so Ive been wanting to try out the republic planets. I really want to level a gunslinger or scoundrel(most liekly gunslinger) to 50, but i hate lveling solo as such it gets quite lonely.

So basically, im looking for a leveling partner/buddy/guild to hang out with and level. We could even play other games as well. I believe video games should be played with friends, so im just looking for some nice people to play with. I would re roll on most servers, population dosent matter too much to me if i have some friend(s) to play with but high pop would be quite nice.

Voice chat would be avery nice plus,but it isnt required.

What i said before still holds, but the servers i was thinking about rolling on were
-Jung Ma
-Ajunta Pall
-Jedi Covenant
-The Ebon Hawk

I do have a lvl 29 gunslinger on Vrook Lamar.. so if you have any charatcters on there that works too but i dotn really like that server anymore. His name is Gerudo.

But one thing more, tomorrow night i will be leaving for memorial weekend for a trip and not coming back till monday. This should leave time for replies if you cant get a hold of me today or tomorrow. If you want to take me up on this offer just send me a PM on here, or i will be on my Vrook lamar gunslinger tonight and mid day tomorrow. I live in central time zone but im on quite a bit so time zones are too much of a problem.

Please contact me if you are interested.

inb4 servers arent populated enough thread
inb4 fatman is the best( Too many people/trolls)
inb4 OP dosent know how to inb4
inb4 rules 1 and 2 (im just using inb4 for a term)