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05.23.2012 , 01:30 PM | #10
As soon as people stop having babies than SW will be dead, if not it will live forever in American mythos, just like many ancient stories get told over and over, this will last forever.

Every new generation will want to enjoy SW, i was born in 84 and fell in love with the OT which was before my time, and personally really enjoyed the PT ( im not one of those to cool for school haters). So i wouls assume it dying is not something that will ever happen.
Will it possibly not be quite as popular maybe, but i mean cmon think about it, SW is everywhere, goto disney you got a damn ride, watch tv there are cartoons, besides the movies there are over 100 novles and well over 100 games.

to say its going to die is just either wishful thinking on your part or just plain dumb, 100 years from now ppl will still watch SW, unless of course we blow ourselves to hell in back with the direction our planet is taking