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05.23.2012 , 12:42 PM | #27
Jung-Ma (US east RP-PVP) still very much alive and well. Ive never seen the server status below standard amidst a flock of low servers.

I originally rolled here with a group of 8 from other games. I personally had no intention of RP but love PVP so I was ok when a few of the group picked the RP-PVP type. 5 of the 8 have since left for various reasons, and the 3 of us left are no longer guilded together; however, I have found that picking this server has served me very well. PVP q time is minimal pre and post 50. RP is available if your into that, but not heavy if your not interested. Flashpoint and HM groups pop off the general channel all the time too. Both Imp and Rep are active, and I recognize several guilds making there own world events. In my small guild alone we bump into others chasing down world boss's and having great world pvp.

I see many upset subscribers posting on various sites about wanting more content or simply more ppl to play with since servers have died, but with Jung Ma, my personal gripes are minimal, (and I think the game itself will still evolve with more updates and xpacs). If you come to Jung Ma which I encourage the active player base will keep you enjoying the game.

Feel free to personal msg me if your lookin for more info