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I'd like to throw in another vote for Krayt Dragon. Like most other servers, it's declined quite a bit since launch, but it's certainly not dead. During peak hours, you'll still routinely see 100+ people on the fleet. I'm usually able to get in at least 2 HM flashpoints most evenings and there are regularly advertised PUG runs for both Story Mode and HM Ops. I've often seen guilds on the fleet promoting team datacron hunting and world boss groups, too.

In my opinion, the people are great too. For the most part, they're a really knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful group with the occasional troll thrown in there (but luckily not too many!).

I play on the Imperial side mostly...but I've noticed that the Republic fleet seems to be picking up in activity lately, also. Usually see around 75-80 during peak hours.
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