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To be fair, I've read some posts recently reporting that BW is tossing around figures like a 50K baseline credit cost to add the aug slot using the table. If that's the ballpark at-cost price for self-service aug'ing up an orange item, then crafters are still going to have a substantial market undercutting the price of DIY aug'ing.
The problem I see with that is, as an Artifice, I can make a grand total of four orange lightsabers of each type (single/double bladed), so eight saber skins total. 4 of those 8 cost 3 biometric crystal alloys each. The other four are at best plain, and at worst ugly, skins.

So in a sense, yeah, you're correct that for people who don't care a lick about the skin of their saber, I might still be able to make money selling crit-crafted versions of the ones that DON'T require BMAs... For the ones that do, at a cost of 3 BMAs per attempt, it's really never going to be cost-effective to craft and sell those.

And I'd predict that most people are just going to take their Battlemaster/War Hero/Columi/Rakata/Campaign saber and add an augment slot to that for 50k + cost of an augment kit, rather than spending 150k+ to strip the mods out of a PvP or raiding saber and insert them into a custom orange saber that is, in all likelihood, uglier than the PvP or raid saber they're removing the mods from in the first place.