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05.23.2012 , 10:42 AM | #5
To be fair, I've read some posts recently reporting that BW is tossing around figures like a 50K baseline credit cost to add the aug slot using the table. If that's the ballpark at-cost price for self-service aug'ing up an orange item, then crafters are still going to have a substantial market undercutting the price of DIY aug'ing.

Especially if people are happy to (or actually want to) wear lower level aug'ed gear and don't care about or hate the skins on endgame items, crafters may be able to turn out many aug'ed orange items by crit crafting at far lower cost than the item+kit+table fee. That would mean that DIY aug'ing is really only going to apply to items with a huge baseline cost, such that 50K (or whatever it is) becomes only a marginal expense of completing the piece, and nobody could ever afford to get aug'ed items by grinding multiples of them hoping for crits.

Also, assuming in the worst case than kits are cheaper than grinding for crits; just roll an alt to make kits for yourself, then aug your own crafted stock, and sell it. It encourages you to roll alts in order to self supply and maintain your cost structure, but that's nothing new; we already had other dependencies like needing slicing to support all our crafting skills with schematics, and all the aug'ing profs with the epic purple mats needed for level 22s.