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So I'm all for allowing the addition of augment slots to any item, but I'm not really clear on why Armormech, Armstech, and Synthweaving were chosen as the only crafting skills able to make augment kits. On the surface it seems like the goal was to enhance the viability of crafting skills at endgame (and in fairness, for those three, it does), but in reality, it screws over Artifice, Biochem, and Cybertech.

Example: My main is an Artifice. As of now, pre-1.3, if somebody wants a lightsaber with an augment slot, they HAVE to buy it from me (or another Artifice). If somebody wants an implant with an augment slot, or an earpiece with an augment slot, they have to buy it from a Biochemist or a Cybertech, respectively. Augmented force armor comes from a synthweaver, guns from an armstech, and normal armor from an armormech. So every crew skill has control over their respective items when it comes to augment slots.

Post-1.3, if somebody wants a lightsaber with an augment slot... They buy a kit from an Armstech, Armormech, or Synthweaver, bypassing my artifice completely and cutting off a huge source of potential revenue. How is this in any way fair? Why did they not simply make it so Artifice makes augment kits usable only on lightsabers/relics, biochem makes kits usable only on implants, cybertech makes kits usable only on earpieces, synthweaving makes kits usable only on force armor, etc? That way, each crafting skill maintains the same role in the market for augmented gear that they do now. Instead, Bioware chose to cut half the crafting skills completely out of the market for augmented gear. Makes zero sense to me.