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05.23.2012 , 06:52 AM | #6
Personally...I have noticed...that Blur Studio's CGI...looks a lot more lifelike than the CGI that George uses in his movies. I know your all going to say, but those came out years ago.....WRONG...WRONG....I recently watched Red Tails and I noticed off the bat of the CGI look a lot less lifelike.

Then I took a look at the Indy Series, my god..Last Crusade by far had some of the worst CGI meshes I've ever seen...from Lucas, trust me there are way worse. The whole movie isn't bad, infact it's awesome. It's just these instances are just distracting and noticeable....I know your probably saying, but that movie came out along time ago....well consider this, if George keeps coming back for the Star Wars franchise, how come he doesn't come back and fix that freaking CGI in Last Crusade. I mean theres that scene when they're on the Zepplin and then there is the scene where the ME109 crashes into the tunnel, and the scene where Jones Sr has a flock of seagulls fly into the path other other ME109. Those are the worst offenders.