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Rogue Moon EU PVE is still alive and kicking maybe not as good as others regardless of what the numbers say a regular night on imp side gives us 50-60 on fleet.

We have a unique community that helps each other out and this helps keep things steady.

What i have learnt from my experience of listening to numbers and top 20 servers etc is it does not reflect the attitude of the community of these servers and break up of the numbers.

For example i was inquisitive last night and rolled on Red Eclipse voted top safest bet for EU PVE during peak time it was sitting at standard population had 49-60 republic in jedi starter area taking up the brunt of the total republic population online at the time. My conclusion Re- rollers like my inquisitive self producing false numbers.

Like the OP says numbers mean nothing and in my eyes it's the Community Spirit within a Server that makes it a safe bet, when people get along and are good team players people tend to stick around.

I for one can confirm from all those persons iv questioned both imp and republic on Rogue Moon they are mostly all in favour of standing our ground and weathering the storm for sake of losing a good community that is hard to find.

Rogue Moon despite the figures is far from done yet and can only get better with some love from the selective transfer window.
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