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05.22.2012 , 11:45 AM | #1
Before any of you attack me just hear me out.

In my honest opinion i believe that star wars is on the verge of death if it isn't dead already ( to me it may as well be dead)

1. Reclying the same ideas over and over again
2 characters never going beyond 2d (they feel stagnant and hardly noteworthy aside from what they look like, personality wise they never seem to grow and change in ways that feel realistic. ""I am aware this is a space fantasy but i don't think everything has to be cut and dry like it is now'''
3. The lack of outside the box thinking (this may sound similar to my first point but i honestly think that everyone in the EU is too afraid to tackle ideas and concepts that sort of twist the mythos of starwars a bit.

There was a time where i thought there was hope for something new. But i just don't know anymore.

So guys, do you think there is any hope for the future of starwars? or is it already too late?
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