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Quote: Originally Posted by Xinika View Post
I know it may look like a waste but trust me it's worth it.
You're not using DoTs as this spec. So, no, I do not use Mind Crush.
You're also using Shadow Technique.

Just take it for a spin
I still don't buy it. I said it was 4 talents for 50% worth of a 3-pt talent, but it's actually 5-6. I forgot about Deathmark/Force Suppression. Since you're using no dots, the 20% from that talent is also wasted. And, if you don't have to get to the 5th tier, you can also pull a point out of one of the filler talents lower in the tree (like stun c/d reduction or dot dmg mitigation).

Clearly, you get slightly higher burst by increasing the crit damage on FiB/DF. Assuming you have a 35% crit rate buffed, you're increasing FiB/DF dmg by about 10.5% overall. Where you could instead put those 5-6 talents in Deception/Infiltration and go 18/23 or 19/22, and pick up some actual Force regen (which 13/28 has none of beyond the minor bonus right out of stealth), AoE dmg reduction and/or a c/d reduction on Force Cloak.

But it seems like, if you wanted more burst, going deep Infil/Deception would be better. You lose the range of FiB/DF, but buff Project/Shock heavily.