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05.22.2012 , 07:30 AM | #1
First... i gotta ask. How often do Bioware/SWTOR update and upload up new episodes in the Galactic History section? Dont get me wrong,, i dont complaining. Just wondering. I eagerly wating for new episodes. But i also wanna know if the team behind this has a scheme about when to make and upload them? 1 per month? or one every second month.

And second. Just asking, not complaining. Are Bioware/SWTOR going to do any new cinematic videos like: Hope, Return, Deceived? :D Yeah those 3 are really awesome to look at. But are there coming new ones soon?

//Please, if you´re gonna answer. Stick to the subjects above. And also please, comments about how much you think the game sucks or wich class each video it belongs to or how much you think Bioware is working slow.. i dont care nor want to know. Please answer if you think you know, really know or read about it/these somewhere and share it.//