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I'm really baffled by the responses of some of the people in this thread, but what I'm really baffled about is Bioware's lack of action on this.

A major staple of MMO's is having items made by crafting and a long standing part of that involves giving the crafter the materials for an item you want. I've seen this in every MMO I've been involved with so this is NOT a rare occurrence but something that happens quite frequently.

In other MMO's this theft of goods would result in the goods being stripped from the offender and that offender getting a few days suspension for their behavior. Tracking trades and chat isn't rocket science, it is done as a matter of course.

Unless you are playing with real life friends, we are ALL strangers here. Saying not to trust someone is anathema to what MMO's are.

Bioware should have investigated and actually done something about the theft instead of just blowing it off.
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