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05.21.2012 , 07:08 PM | #18
so what is your take on the "traditional" 31/0/10 spec that almost every Assassin/Shadow runs around with? And yes, that is an assumption as almost every assassin I click on has Dark Charge on

Some claim it is Op, because it does so much damage, I dont know, haven't played my assassin much since release of 1.2, I made a Juggernaut and have been busy with him (as you can see in my signature). But I was thinking of going back to my assassin at some point. might try one of these. if I dont like them, I can always go back to the damagetank spec (31/0/10 with dps gear).

I really like deception, but its a glass cannon and it's not worth it doing high burst if you die every 30 seconds now is it?
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