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05.21.2012 , 03:09 PM | #16
Regarding the 0/13/28 build, is it really worth 3 talent points to get 30% crit damage on FiB/DF? That and why put a point in Sharpened mind? It doesn't seem like you're using DoTs at all, so that half of the talent seems wasted. Do you hard cast Mind Crush often enough to be worth those points?

Is the force management so good that Masked Assault or just more DPS/Defense (say Technique mastery, Security Breach, or Shadowy Veil) from KC or Inf? Dropping those 4 points from Balance would also let you grab one of the T4 talents in Inf.

I know FiB is relatively high damage AoE, but I just wonder about 4 talents to get 50% of 3 talents value.