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05.21.2012 , 04:55 AM | #11
Snipers are great, but powertechs are better.
Almost all powertech damaging abilities ignore armore. Powertech can deal all its attacks on the move has hevy armore and self healing. rapit shots, unload and flame burst automatically apply slow on targets.
For snipers it is long time to kill havy armored targets while powertechs do it fast.
With powertech you have all you need.
1 The highest pvp damage of all classes
2. Very high mobility
3. Instant cast ranged attacks.
4. Hevay armor and self healing
5. Most attacks ignore armor
6. You can pull targets with harpoon

My powertech is small just hit 16 level but in low level i break 300 000 damage in one warzone, on other classes i did 300k+ damage only after 40+ lvl.