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05.21.2012 , 01:00 AM | #1
Hey Guys.

At first, sorry for my english, isn't my main language.

Well, i frapsed my Warzones to watch it and discover and improve my own gameplay.
After some weeks i got around 12 hours of real gametime at warzones only. So i decided to do/make/create (? ) a movie.

It shouldn't show how asskickin' assassin or me (playerskills) is, at least i am backpaddeling (sometimes!)!
I love Huttball, there is much Huttball in there, but other Warzones too, but not that much as Huttball. Some duels (Tatooine or 1v1 at Warzone) at the end.

Its close to 20 minutes and i cutted the movie into ... 5 or 6 parts.

It's an Intro around 2 minutes.
A "full&shortcutted" Huttballmatch.
And a "Actiontrailer"-like part.
Random Warzoneclips.

The music isn't any commercial, except one, but its chosen coz its true!
As i said, it shall entertain and i wont discuss about my lack of skills and how op assassin is or isn't.

Any comments if its boring or if it is good are welcome (no comments about "op" assassin please!).
I had my fun to create the movie and i want to share it with you, without publicity it would be lost even if its good.

Just enjoy, i did it too!
If u got troubles with YouTube try the WCM Stream, but the WCM-Stream got lack of quality even at "HD"-settings.