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05.20.2012 , 11:39 PM | #211
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So I know tank spec with dps gear is the hot thing, does it work as well with tank gear in a dps spec?
Not really, the reason people use DPS gear in tank spec is cause tank spec has a lot of inherent, talent based survivability, only a small percentage of their durability comes from actual tank gear, so using DPS gear allows them to also put out lots of damage while still retaining much of the survivability of a tank.

OTOH, using tank gear in DPS spec only very marginally enhances your survivability(since you lack the defensive talents of Darkness, which is where much of their survivability comes from, not the gear) especially if you don't also run in tank stance. And you lose a large portion of damage by using tank gear, and lose even more if you run in tank stance(since the other specs base much of their damage around being in the appropriate non-tank stance), it's just not really a good idea.