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Posted in noobie section but maybe that wasn't the right spot so here it is:

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Ok so, I haven't reached it yet, but I'm looking toward the endgame PvP and PvE and have some questions.
To be completely honest, my goal is to find, or make (I am a Jug/Synth), a set that is acceptable for both operations and warzones.

My question comes in when you start talking about expertise and player crafted armor. So here is my list of questions:
  1. Is player-made armor (the lvl 49 stuff you get from your crafting vendor) considered PvP or PvE? (I.E. does it have an expertise stat?)
  2. If you "max-craft" that armor (break down enough that you get it up to its purple version) how does it compare to the other end game vendor bought armors?
  3. Do either the PvP or PvE armors outclass the other enough that you can use one in-place of the other? (E.G. Can you PvP in Black Hole, or do operations in War Hero armor?)
  4. Will this (to the best of our knowledge) largely change in 1.3?
  5. "The other question I should have asked but didn't yet know enough to..."

All help is appreciated!