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I have stories for all my characters. I was a fantasy/literature fan before I was a gamer.

My smuggler was a daughter of an Alderaanian noble. His underworld business on the side - strictly hush-hush in polite society - blew up in his face, disgracing the family and wrecking their finances. Nic had the guts and the daring to strike out on her own. Her mother and brother prefer to live in noble poverty...well, to each his own. Now Nic is out for herself. Friends only get you so far, y'know, but money always talks.

My Warrior Ruth was the daughter of a failed-Sith-turned-failed-Jedi-turned-sort-of-successful Sith. (Colran Niral: Thoughtful, but not very dedicated.) Her mother was the Intelligence agent whose mission in Republic space touched off Colran's return to the Sith. Just a Force-blind who believed in the Empire and helped Colran believe in it, too. It was in her memory that Colran taught Ruth to serve even Force-blind people's interests with both strength and kindness. (Edit: This entire paragraph is out-of-game; it kind of wrote itself while I was working out Ruth's basic motivations.)

Ruth went to the Academy, got picked up by Baras, was incredibly excited to go further the cause of the Empire and improve life for the Empire's citizens. She may have dallied once or twice with a Chiss agent of mine, but that's neither here nor there - their service took them in different directions more often than not. Vette wasn't exactly a professional powerhouse, but made for a great little sister. LS Jaesa was a steadying influence in hard times. Quinn was...Quinn was a stunning find. Perfect ideological match, Ruth wanted the hell out of him, and he inspired every victory she earned in her campaigns.

Did I say "perfect"? As time went on the necessities of the missions got harder. Quinn's counsel got harsher. Her crew got weighted more toward brutality (thanks, Pierce, Broonmark). Hoth was one long bloody streak, and it only got worse. She couldn't be surprised when

The remainder of Ruth's campaign was swift and bloody. She serves the Emperor, as she always has. She doesn't have so many illusions about kindness and patience and the worth of people weaker than she is. My Chiss agent tries to touch base from time to time and exchange information of interest, maybe possibly bring her back to life a bit, but the young woman he seduced at the Nexus Room Cantina years ago is a far cry from the cold blade he now meets in the Citadel.

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