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no video evidence...i could ask a couple friends to come in here and give eye witness acounts if that would appease the court.

the best evidence i can produce is a few random SS's of WZ's. and, to be completely honest, open, and forthcoming with you, those are mainly late night SS's. there is a pretty good repub guild on my server, with a group that seems intent on shutting me down, so i have my low # WZ's. not in damage tho...i always top that...(all these are solo q's):

***EDIT: buff me, PLEASE!!!
I hope you realize there is no way to tell if you're playing a PT or a Merc from those shots. And BTW, what the hell is a PT/Merc?

Edit: Oh, healing spells, must be playing Pyro.

2nd Edit: Never more than 4 BH's. WZ stacked with Sorc's and Mara's.